#mentalhealthmonday 1.10.22

“Self-care is not selfish.”

This is the mantra in our house to start 2022. It applies to so many facets of our lives: mental health, physical health, family life, work life.

It’s not selfish to care for yourself – especially in this pandemic season. It’s not selfish to jump on the bike or get in a run or do a quick on-demand yoga session or take a mid-morning walk or take 10 minutes to silently pray or read Scripture or do your meditation practice. It’s not selfish to take your anxiety medication every day as prescribed, nor is it selfish to schedule an extra video session with your therapist.

Remember: this is just one season of your life, not its entirety.

You are not a failure because you can’t do it all. More than that, you’re a super hero just for making it to today! You didn’t give up! You didn’t give in! You survived to today!!

As @morganharpernichols recently posted:

“And here you are…

Millions of breaths taken,

You have come so far”

So take care of yourself today.

Know that I continue to pray for you, friends. Every day. Know that God is for you. And more, know that you have what it takes to practice that “long obedience in the same direction.”

-KGC 🙏🏻

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